• WebGL a pour propos de créer un lien JavaScript vers OpenGL ES 2.0 ( Open Graphics Library for Embedded Systems ) afin de permettre des graphiques 3D riches directement dans le navigateur Web ( 3D calculée par le GPU de la carte graphique compatible ) et sur n’importe quelle plateforme supportant les standards OpenGL ou OpenGL ES. Libre de droits, la spécification WebGL tire parti de technologies Web comme la balise Canvas de HTML 5 promue par Mozilla.

    La technologie WebGL sera implémentée dans Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera ainsi que Safari d’Apple.

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  • The OSgrid Region Launcher is a somewhat newish utility I wrote back late August – it’s designed to be a dead-set-simple zero-configuration region launcher for OpenSim. It’ll automatically deploy your own region on OSgrid, hosted on your own computer; and while not perfect – it can be a nifty way of checking out OpenSim without too much hassle. This is a new version of the tool for those who were testing it several weeks ago – version 0.22 brings in a bunch of new features, including confirmed Linux compatibility

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  • With 2009 rapidly coming to a close, we have seen a number of changes in open-source Virtual World platforms and engines, with the noticeable departure of M.U.P.P.E.T., the arrival of Unity, and the no-show of Myst Online. This is the year-end round-up of the current state of play.

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