• On Monday, Metaplace announced that the company was shutting down its virtual world.

    When a platform disappears, however, it’s not just the content that’s at risk. If a company uses a virtual world in order to interact with customers or with a larger community, then that community vanishes as well — as is now about to happen on Metaplace.

    Current Metaplace users will either move to other worlds or leave virtual worlds altogether. If they get new virtual identities elsewhere, they will most likely have new user names — making it difficult, if not impossible, to recreate the community of one social network on another network.

    This will be the single biggest loss that comes out of the Metaplace closure.

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  • Invite up to 200 of your teammates.
    No registration required, send a link to anyone

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  • Inaugurated in early October, the project involved revamping Santarém’s Portas do Sol Garden by deploying cutting edge tools such as Augmented Reality-enabled Virtual Sightseeing units to explore the pretty surrounding landscape, interactive tables and displays for learning more about the city’s rich history as well as the Roman digging site located right in the park and, to round things off, multimedia audio-guides for making sure no stone is left unturned.

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  • 5 bonnes raisons de créer votre avatar professionnel sur Second Life en 2010

    1. Commencer à vous familiariser dès maintenant avec l’internet immersif et les déplacements dans l’espace 3D.
    2. Avoir encore le choix d’utliser votre propre nom ou le pseudonyme que vous souhaitez.
    3. Assister au moins à une réunion, conférence, ou formation en environnement immersif pour en mesurer les effets et savoir comment cela fonctionne.
    4. Offrir une plateforme collaborative supplémentaire à vos interlocuteurs professionnels.
    5. Gagner du temps que vous pourrez utiliser avec votre famille ou vos amis.

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