• Une fois n’est pas coutume ce lien pointe vers une vidéo que vous DEVEZ voir : “The Machine is Us/ing Us”
    Merci à Audrey Lohard pour le tuyau ;)

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  • Nokia, IBM, Intel and Microsoft support open source projects that form the future 3D Web

    Open source seems like the only way to implement the new 3D Web. No company or government wants to tie their applications to a single commercial closed source software provider. The big companies know this and they can not afford to ignore open source movement.

    By the end of 2009 3D Web is developed into a stable and usable form that most probably allows mass adoption.

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  • “RealXtend platform offers a way to share live applications over the network to realXtend users.

    In this example we use VNC (Virtual Network Computing – a simple and working desktop & application sharing system) to share the desktop. “

    Linden Labs devrait s’inquiéter un peu plus de ces sociétés open-sources, les progrès sont rapides ! Vivement que les codeurs trouvent le moyen de se TP sans encombre de OS vers SL…

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  • Mise a jour du Coolviewer -plus léger que le viewer officiel-

    “This is a test build (otherwise identical with R3) that incorporates the fixes of VWR-12540. It includes updated OpenGL headers and detection routines. Hopefully this helps the ATI users out there that are suffering from bad performance of their graphic cards with SL. Please give it a try, perhaps it works for you. I can not test it myself as I returned my 4870 for a GTX260 due to the problems with SL.”

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