New project: Logology

I’ve been working in the tech industry for more than 10 years now. I Started as a contractor, then worked in a big company.

I learned so much.

In tech, but also, thanks to the years I spent in the silicon valley, in marketing, product and strategy. So when I quit my last company, I didn’t want to apply to a regular job. I did not want to be a freelancer either.

No, I wanted to build a product, to work for myself, to be part of the entrepreneur game!

The team

Lucie & Dagobert are good friends of mine, for 8 years now. We used to work together on several projects when we were coworkers at mutualab. So when they told me they were working on a project I got interested pretty quickly. Lucie is one of the best graphic designer I know and Dago is a very good UX developer. I’m pretty sure we can make great things together.

The project is named Logology! Tada!

alt text

We’re creating a new way to generate meaningful logos based on the needs of the entrepreneurs. A product to help founders to have a better visual identity without spending too much time & money!

And, after months of work on the product, we’re almost there: Logology is open as a private beta.

I’m so excited to launch my product, do my own choices (and mistakes). That will be an exciting trip!

So if you’re a startup entrepreneur who needs an high-quality logo, register to the beta or subscribe to our newsletter!

Also, feel free to reach out on Twitter