Fresh start - switch from French to English & more

It’s not really a 2018 resolution, but i need a fresh start.

I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years now, not in English tho, and the last 4 years was not very productive in that area and I really miss it !

During the last 4 years I worked in my first “real” job, like, with a boss, a contract and a long term duration. Before that I was a Freelancer. And it was wayyy easier to spend some times on blogging, testing new stuff, reading some articles etc…. During these 4 years I almost completely stopped all the “innovation” part of my activities, kept all the time for stabilize, fixed, refactor and assure a high availability service. But I need those parts, I missed it so much.

I need to share, I need to test new techs, I need some free times to experiment, I need space.

And, being a employee of a big and old company is not really the best situation to do those stuff…

New Country

In the other hand these kind of companies offer plenty of opportunities. So when my boss told about a project to open a new office in San Francisco I said something like: “Whenever you want, I’M IN!”

And here I am, a new SF immigrant.

I am in the Valley for 4 months now, really enjoying this new country, new mindset and the possibilities around. It’s really like Heaven for a guy like me: half entrepreneur half tech guy!

New job?

But, yeah, my job and my company still sucks. Well, it’s even worse since I moved here.

My work is getting worse and worse and the team really don’t know how to work remotely…And as I’m the only one of my company working from the US it’s just becoming more and more painfull every day…

So yeah, i don’t know how/when but I definitely need a move, a new start, a new job.

New Blog!

So here I am. Starting a now blog in English to reflect a fresh start.

This blog should be about software development, entrepreneurship, changing jobs, expatriation and others stuff that make me think/happy/sad/angry and much more.

Stay Tuned!


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2018-01-26 16:46 -0400