Starting My Own Company

I spent the last 3 years in the startup ecosystem of the Silicon Valley. As an employee of a big company first. My mission then was to study the US market and to create a subsidiary there.

So my job suddenly went from Lead Developer to CTO, even CxO (I was the only one in charge on the US soil) so I did all the jobs needed in an early stage company: marketing, HR, tech, business strategy, and even Sales! I did this for 2 years but they didn’t want to push the Us company, so I quit. Then I joined a startup where I worked for the last 10 months.

I learned so much

Being immersed in a new culture, within a startup accelerator with people from all over the planet and speaking about how to create companies, grow, and eventually succeed taught me a lot of things.

The most important one is: I LIKE THAT. I love thinking about fixing problems, thinking of what product can help the customers, trying to create a true vision to fix the world!

I like to design systems

I’m a doer, I spend thousands of hours at coding, trying to explain to the machine what I want to create, how I what them to solve my (client’s) issue. And I like that, I like to build, I like to design, to invent new things. I do this for years, probably since my 15yo.

What i truly understand during the last months in the Silicon Valley is: Companies are systems. Systems you can design, build, hack, and crash. And this is a game changer, I can switch my mind into a building company mode and it’s exciting!

Free as freedom

I spent the last 5 years as an employee, after 6 years of freelancing. I switch from freelance because, at this time, I wanted to have longer missions, I wanted to build more complex systems and build it in the long term. I was sick of the typical 3 weeks contracts. It was the right move at this time, I learned so much, it was a really, really, good experience.

But now, I miss my freedom, I want to be the one who drives. When you touch the commands, and you liked it, it’s pretty hard to move backward and sit down in an employee position. I want to take strategical decisions, I want to understand what’s the sales strategy, understand how the marketing is made, take decisions on the tech as well. I can not be a coder anymore, not only. I love it, I love the tech, but I want more.

My own company

I want to build things, my own things. The next few months will be focus on creating a company, with good friends of mine. Trying to conquer the world, or, at least, trying to fix some problems and build our own boat to sail freely.

Oh, and maybe I’ll blog again!


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2019-04-26 13:26 -0400